Summertime training tips from your Sensei

We hope everyone has had a super school year and are excited about your accomplishments! Here are a few encouraging words of wisdom from your Sensei to stay focused on your martial arts training through the Summer:

Everyone knows that Summer is a beautiful time of the year, hanging with friends at the pool and at the beach can all be enjoyable. Because there are so many Summer activities, you may not realize it when your martial arts training begins to suffer. Like a thief in the night, Summer steals time from your training and you quickly become a statistic " missing in action", during the Summer months. Even though you intend to return or you may only miss an occasional class, your focus must be on regular attendance and exceeding your goals. Students who stay focused are those who will achieve greatness in their lives. Think of Summer as providing more time, not less to dedicate to your training. You have more free time in your schedule, so you can work harder to earn your next belt and achieve better fitness. Your martial arts school is your home away from home and will always be a great place to be!

FYI....... On June 30th we had 21 students test for various levels of Black Belts. All of these students have trained between 4 and 11 years, non stop.