Word of the month

OCTOBER, 2017 Word Of The Month: COURAGE:

Being Brave Enough To Do What You Should Do Even When You're Afraid.

Mat Chat Topic Of The Month:


Personal safety is the avoidance of and freedom from physical harm, and threat. Teach your child about situational awareness, assertiveness, and "stranger danger" behavior.

This month we are learning about personal safety. Personal safety is super important for children to learn about and understand. Personal safety includes stranger danger, recognizing dangerous situations, and how to be safe in your home or out on the streets. There is a wide range of personal safety tactics children can learn about to keep them safe while growing and maturing in the world we live in today.


Always know where your children are. Be sure you make it a rule your children must ask your permission before going anywhere. Make sure your children have your work, home , and cell phone numbers with them so they can reach you at all times.

Show your children where safe places are for them to be able to play, safe places to walk and ride bikes, and safe places to go if they find themselves in trouble.

Help your children learn how to trust their own instincts. If they ever feel uncomfortable or scared, then they should get out of that situation as fast as possible and tell and adult. Always reassure your children that you will help them.

Teach assertiveness to your children. Be sure they know it is okay to say "NO" to an adult. Reassure them it is okay to also run away from adults if the situation is dangerous or it the adult is a stranger.

They is always safety in numbers, so encourage your children to play in groups with other children.

Help teach your children to recognize safe strangers by pointing them out.

Please go over this topic several times this month with your children.

Have a great month,

Sensei Geer